Founded in Israel, TownSquare is an emerging social media platform that provides an outlet for users to share their thoughts and opinions on trending news and events. Through the app, users can post short videos responding to prompts on various topics.


This semester, TAMID is running a pilot of the application for the Tufts community by launching a trial of the app on campus.


SpeakNow is a startup attempting to revolutionize the language learning industry. Currently offering three segments of revenue models, SpeakNow hopes to establish itself as a forefront in the B2B2C language learning market specifically through a white-label online language learning platform and software.


This semester, Tufts TAMID is helping SpeakNow penetrate the U.S. and European markets through market and industry analysis, in addition to competitive analysis.


CureFacts is an online public resource that provides scientifically based and accessible answers for anyone who wants to choose better (effective and safe) medical treatments.


“At CureFacts, we believe that we should all take responsibility for our own lives, and therefore be able to choose only medical treatments that can really help.


Our mission is to enable everybody to choose effective and safe medical treatments, by making established scientific knowledge accessible to all, taking account of patients’ preferences, and helping patients locate doctors who can add their professional expertise.


We are building the first ever evidence based treatment platform, a platform that combines established science, patients’ preferences and doctors’ experience. This platform encourages an efficient and respectful dialogue between patients and doctors.”


A company that helps facilitate business owners and entrepreneurs in creating phone and web applications, Swiftic offers its users significant customization options. From scheduling options, catalogs, menus, and forms for customer engagement, Swiftic allows small businesses to expand their marketing opportunities.


This semester, TAMID is conducting market research on major competitors in order to gain insight into the pertinent industry. We are also analyzing how social influencers gain followers, which social media outlets are most popular for these influencers, and ways Swiftic could potentially get in touch with them.


A company that helps small and medium sized businesses get the capital they need to grow, Divergent Capital utilizes advanced data analytics and cutting-edge technology to gain profound and actionable insight. Divergent Capital efficiently provides simple, affordable capital to its clients.

This semester, Tufts TAMID will help Divergent Capital grow by researching of marketing and industry regulations and developing a sound market strategy. 

Divergent Capital

FiveYearsFromNow a global start-up with a mission to change the way people make career decisions. 

"It is a big data platform to allow people to make smarter decisions about their career. 


We want to get millions of data points, real resumes, real people, real things that are happening out there and actually build for people the ability to see what’s out there. To see what the possibilities are, to see where it will get them, to get perspective on, “If I’m going to choose that road, where is it going to take me?” You don’t have to spend 10 years of mistakes just to figure out what’s going to be the right choice.”


Seeking to make legal language more understandable to the public, Legally offers a unique price-fixed service where clients can submit any contracts for the company's lawyers to review and explain. Powered by A.I. technology and coupled with the company's vast network of lawyers, Legally is pairing users with the best lawyers out there so that they are better informed about their own legal documents.

Although Legally has already developed a presence in Israel, Tufts TAMID will be helping the company this semester to penetrate the New York market. Our team is assessing which client avenues to pursue and focusing on small businesses and college students, those most likely to be exploited by flawed contracts. Using a survey multitude of each of our samples, Legally will then move forward by pursuing varied marketing techniques.


give2gether is a SaaS platform for nonprofits that triples donor conversion rates. The company was formed in 2007 by technology innovators and senior economics professors from NYU and the head of the XLabs at UC Berkeley. Our solution is based on ten years of behavioral economics research and two years of live testing on what makes people give, why people give online and what makes them inspire others.


give2gether streamlines social fundraising, substantially improving donor participation rates and the total amount of money raised. With our platform, it's easier and much more effective for your constituents to promote calls-to-action to their social connections, grow your outreach, donor-list and online revenue. At give2gether, we aim to improve people's lives: those who receive, those who give and those who inspire their community to open their hearts for a cause.


TAMID at Tufts has officially partnered with Keyrus, a management consulting firm specializing in data intelligence and digital experience, to create the TAMID-Keyrus Data Science Program. Learn more about it here.


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