TAMID at Tufts' Start-Up Nation Tech Fair

TAMID at Tufts is excited to announce a few successes that evolved from our very own Start-Up Nation Tech Fair in October! At the end of an evening of mingling with well-established startups, UCHU and Tarseer, Inc., two student startups, participated in the tech pitch competition and delivered their pitches to a panel of Tufts professors and well-versed entrepreneurs. These judges thought so highly of the two startups that they offered them the opportunity to travel to Israel to participate in a program that will allow their ideas to grow exponentially. Individuals from both teams will experience a 30-day trip to the start-up nation through an incubator program provided by Hatch IL. At Hatch IL, also known as the Startup Hatchery, UCHU and Tarseer, Inc. will have unmatched experiences; they’ll receive mentoring by Israel’s best experts, they’ll tour the high-tech ecosystem, and they’ll work and live alongside tons of other innovators and entrepreneurs. We’re thrilled to see where this experience takes them, and we’re so delighted that it stemmed from our first Start-up Nation Tech Fair!

Keep reading to find out more about UCHU and Tarseer, Inc.!

"Tarseer facilitates the detection of glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness, two years earlier by improving the accuracy of the visual field test (VFT). Tarseer is developing a headset that uses eye detection technology and eliminates any need for patient input. This will result in less variability in the test and less error. Higher accuracy helps physicians better monitor visual fields allowing for earlier diagnosis and more refined treatment."

"UCHU Biosensors designs wireless intra-oral sensors that allow users to take control of their health. We enable users to track key metrics within their oral environment, improving health management. We then provide users with meaningful data analysis, delivering instant feedback to set and reach health goals.

TAMID has helped UCHU by giving us an opportunity to pitch in front of experienced professionals, allowing us to receive some real-time feedback, and make connections that will continue to help us grow. The Israel Startup-Incubator will allow us to work side-by-side with other motivated entrepreneurs, workshop with industry professionals, gain valuable experience, and establish some global connections that will be invaluable."

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