Spring 2018 Update

Classes and club meetings are back in full swing and for TAMID Group at Tufts, as the new semester has brought several exciting changes. Over winter break, the executive board worked hard to redesign our chapter meetings and introduce new leadership positions in order to promote a more cohesive and collaborative environment within our chapter. Among these changes are new Marketing and Operations Boards, new sector groups in the fund, and a new meeting time that allows members from the fund and the consulting teams to work together and communicate with one another.

Our chapter is excited to announce that Žygimantas Jievaltas, a dedicated TAMID member who joined last semester, will be taking over for Ethan Geismar as the new Director of the Fund. With these new developments, we are eager to venture into another semester of exciting opportunities.

The introduction of new leadership positions within TAMID will be essential to our growth as a chapter. Madison Dall, the Director of Marketing, states that over break, the board discussed a new initiative to “expand our leadership pipeline so that newer members could have the opportunity to take on more responsibility within TAMID.” The new Marketing Board contains positions for Directors of Photography, Website Management, Social Media, and Writing.

The new Operations Board has Directors of Internal Events, Social Programming, University Relations, Fundraising, and Logistics. Additionally, the Director of the Fund has appointed leaders to each new sector. One of our main goals in TAMID is to promote engagement between our leaders and our members, and we believe that our new leadership opportunities will help us achieve this goal. Additionally, the creation of the Marketing and Operations Boards will be essential for our chapter’s ability to expand its social media presence and plan events efficiently. The Operations Board will be crucial in ensuring that our events run smoothly, and the Marketing Board will enable us to develop our outreach with both the Tufts community and other TAMID chapters.

Operations Board (from left to right): Spencer Zeff, Jonathan Yao, Ethan Isenman, David Meyer, Mairav Aloni

Marketing Board (from left to right): Erin Blank, Ella Jenke, Madison Dall, Jenna Fromer, Lior Kofman

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