Spring 2019: Back and Better than Ever!

Welcome back, TAMIDniks! Last semester, our group piloted the Data Science vertical and became officially recognized by the Tufts Community Union. After a productive first semester, our organization looks forward to strengthening our community presence and tackling more intensive projects.

Our fund group will continue analyzing stocks to pitch to the national TAMID portfolio. Under the guidance of new co-directors Will Slater and Zach Goldberg, the team aims to better conceptualize the complexities of quantitative financial models. The vertical also welcomes new members from the Fund Education path, who are eager to apply their newfound skills. Fund members will be divided up into focused sectors, which will be detailed in our next blog post!

Our consulting group will continue projects from last semester and establish new projects with Israeli start-ups. Last semester, one of the consulting groups researched the demand for Lula Rides, a car-sharing app for college students. Students in this group will continue consulting for Lula, using results from a survey published last semester. Kyle Katlan, a student consulting for Lula, is “excited to contribute to the growth of such a great idea” and thinks Lula will be “a great success”. TAMIDniks from the Consulting Education path will be welcomed to consulting projects led by more experienced students.

TAMIDniks in the Data Science vertical are thrilled to finally apply the Python skills learned last semester to real projects. Students will begin consulting for Keyrus and DataRobot, among other projects. Director of Data Science Barry Eom has cemented his place in the TAMID Hall of Fame, and we look forward to seeing all that our Data Science vertical achieves this semester!

Keep updated by checking blog posts each month!

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