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Data Science Program

"Giving college students the skills and the opportunity to make a difference with data science on a worldwide scale"

TAMID-Keyrus Data Science Program offers students the opportunity to learn about data science and apply those skills to gain professional, enterprise, and real-world experience. Students will engage in serving the public and assisting private enterprises, while figuring out how to make the best, data-driven decisions.


TAMID at Tufts has officially partnered with Keyrus, a management consulting firm specializing in data intelligence and digital experience, to create the TAMID-Keyrus Data Science Program. The program was first conceived during the summer of 2017 when we saw the lack of opportunities for college students to explore data science at Tufts and on other college campuses.

We developed TAMID-Keyrus Data Science Program with the help of Keyrus professionals Razvan Nistor, Head of Data Science, and Gwendolyn Fernandez, Data Analyst.

TAMID-Keyrus Data Science Program revolves around two critical pillars: education curriculum and project ventures.


TAMID-Keyrus Data Science Program welcomes anyone from any background to join.

Our education curriculum is comprised of 4 to 6 weeks of training on the fundamentals of data science. Members with no coding or data science experience begin with a bootcamp on calling libraries and opening files. From there, members will explore different data science topics, techniques, and models on an every other week schedule.

Most importantly, members are given the opportunity to apply these data science techniques, constantly developing as an emerging data scientists.

Here are some of the topics covered in our data science education curriculum:

Decision Tree Learning
Boosted Trees
Random Forest
Logstic Regression
Linear Discriminant Analysis
Neural Networks
Clustering (K-means, hierarchical, HMMs, etc.)
Collaborative filtering (kNN)
anomaly detection via Bayes Classification
Dimensionality Reduction (PCA and factor analysis)
Reinforcement learning
Natural Language Processing

Project Ventures

Project ventures, or case projects, are data science based applications of data science models to a business model (startups, nonprofits, or private enterprises). Our projects offer students professional data science experience. In 2020 we completed our first Israeli-sourced project with KashKlik, focusing on Natural Language Processing.